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one morning you'll wake up
just like the baby in porgy and bess
you won't need my blessing
to greet the sunrise and offer your best

you cannot imagine
the fear you'll feel peering out of the nest
neither your elation
when you do not plunge to a terrible death

death, death
well it's a kind of death
isn't it?

your worst nights behind you
something to live on aglow in your chest
feel free to forget me
by then, after all, i will have a new egg

egg, egg
well you're a kind of egg
aren't you?
yes, you're a kind of egg

all this i wish for you
all this i wish for you

one of these mornings
you're gonna rise up singin'
you're gonna spread your wings
and take to the sky




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Kate Powell Santa Fe, New Mexico

Public radio reporter/junior producer making jams on the side.

find more odds and ends at soundcloud.com/scallopedpotato

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