Katricia, ou la nouvelle​-​nouvelle Héloïse

by Kate Powell

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recorded at my residence in santa fe, partly in the living room and partly in the bedroom.

bells @ end of calla lily: the cathedral basilica of st. francis of assisi about a mile from my house, tolling the 6 pm angelus. it can be heard clearly from almost anywhere on the east side, even several miles away. this particular angelus interrupted my recording, so i stuck my microphone out my bedroom window until it was over.


released June 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Kate Powell Santa Fe, New Mexico

Public radio reporter/junior producer making jams on the side.

find more odds and ends at soundcloud.com/scallopedpotato

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Track Name: Egghead
one morning you'll wake up
just like the baby in porgy and bess
you won't need my blessing
to greet the sunrise and offer your best

you cannot imagine
the fear you'll feel peering out of the nest
neither your elation
when you do not plunge to a terrible death

death, death
well it's a kind of death
isn't it?

your worst nights behind you
something to live on aglow in your chest
feel free to forget me
by then, after all, i will have a new egg

egg, egg
well you're a kind of egg
aren't you?
yes, you're a kind of egg

all this i wish for you
all this i wish for you

one of these mornings
you're gonna rise up singin'
you're gonna spread your wings
and take to the sky
Track Name: Flatbed Simulacrum
a morning like all others
a phrase which must tempt nature
to set that morning apart

the glaze on that first doughnut
oh, its circlet of drips
not unlike tears of virgins
melts into your coffee

ave, ave maria

your mud flaps set to throbbing
by the idling engine
a forklift poised to proffer
one half-ton of diapers

a piece of second doughnut
falls into your coffee
as you stand, hand over heart
and see her for the first time

ave, ave maria

a dark robe wrapped around her
and her pious face
above her blessed girdle
could a sign be clearer

a morning like no other
a phrase which must tempt nature
to give that morning a mate
Track Name: Abélard
A l’instant,
mon cher Abelard,
où l’univers
t’offre ton voeu le plus ardent

Mais son plumage
ne ressemble pas
à ce que tu

Par contre sa voix
est encore meilleure
que ton songe
le plus décadent

tes tendances hubristiques
de céder au bord
de ce fleuve du prédit

jamais encore
écrirai-je ton nom
si tu ne veux pas
que je l’encercle de coeurs

ton heloïse
ton corps de merveilles
ton corps de fétishes
Track Name: Calla Lily
however many snakes
grow from my head
however many frogs
have to share my bed before you can
take this thorn from my side
i will still be calla-lily-white
as the day i was made
for our first time

by then i won’t be shy
of the pale threads in my marble thigh
how many pairs of hands,
after all, will have polished them
this last thorn to be eased
from its home white as the rest of me
i’ll yeild as i was made
just in time

thorn inside
in light
just in time

lover, the bed is made
Track Name: How Good, How Sweet
well maybe i was born with an apron tied at my waist
but for all you know there could be butchery in my veins
if i hear you say one more time how good i am for you
i think we’ll both find out what i’m good for

a real bad girl don’t need to advertise her nature
she just sits in good light, her skin all wet with poison
if i hear you say one more time how sweet i am to you
maybe we’ll both find out what it tastes like